By: Resource and Expansion Consultant Jason Sweet, Saginaw Valley State ’09

I want you to visualize something with me for a minute. Dig deep in your memories for a two particular images.

  1. Visualize the workout room at your school or local gym during the FIRST week of the new year. What does it look like? I’m willing to bet it’s so packed that you have to wait 10 minutes just to get onto a machine you’ve used consistently since August.
  2. Now I want you to visualize that same workout room or gym a month or so after the new year. Anything seem different? I’ll bet there has been quite a change. That 10-minute wait has probably turned into free reign of the place.

That visualization stresses my point. New Year’s resolutions, no matter what they are, have a tendancy to lose appeal after awhile, and individuals lose their motivation just a few short weeks or months into the new year. This is not to say that this happens to everyone, but wouldn’t you agree that you know more people (maybe even yourself) who have started and stopped a resolution than people who have committed fully to their resolution for the entire year?

I myself have never had any luck following through with my resolutions, and in recent years, I’ve given up even making one. This year however is different!

I am re-tooling the idea. No longer will I look at it as a resolution. From now on I will set a New Year’s ambition. Within the definition of “ambition” it is stated that it will take “a strong desire” and “determination and hard work.” To me, these things make a year-long achievement worth persuing, simply for the satisfaction of  knowing I did my best for something I am truly passionate about.

So this year, my New Year’s ambition is to put the lives of others first and to do everything I can to bring them happiness.

This came to me when, after a hard look in the mirror, I realized that while I may be a good person, I have been selfish most of my life. It is time to dedicate myself to better serving the things and people who mean the most in my life: my friends, family and Fraternity. However, it does not stop there.

There are so many people in the world that I will never come in contact with, but through one act of kindness, I may indirectly affect someone’s life.

The ultimate act of community service comes from the deeds we do for others. It is time that I step up and face the music. One person truly can make a difference. It is my New Year’s ambition to be that difference.

Founders Month of Service
The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps