By: Programming Coordinator Dustin Brown, Georgetown ’05

What a year 2012 has already been for Phi Kappa Tau! It is only spring, and we’ve held our third annual Presidents Academy, eight Regional Conferences, hosted three Building Men of Character Retreats, we’re near completing an exceedingly successful Founders Month of Service, we will hold our second National Service Event in a few days, and by April 15 we will have chartered two chapters!

Reflecting back on the last few months, I know that not even one of these events would have been possible without the efforts of our alumni volunteers and staff. Phi Taus everywhere, join me in offering our deepest thanks to those who have contributed their hard work and dedication to our Fraternity. I can’t say it often enough:

Thank you.

Do we offer our thanks enough? Do the words do justice to the actual gratitude that our hearts cherish?

If there’s someone in your life who has gone the extra mile for you, take a moment out of your day to make your appreciation known. Over the last few months, I’ve really understood what it means to lean on others, and we shouldn’t take those people for granted. Every day someone is making an impact in our lives and they deserve to know it.

I have a friend and past co-worker who was there for me every day. Whether it be a smile in the morning when I arrived to work or always making herself available for a phone call in the evening, she made it possible for me to do my best work. Yes, I have told her “thanks” several times, but have I told her what I was thankful for?

Her friendship. Time. Advice. That she is very special to me and a very important part of my life.

Have I done more than told her? Have I shown her how deeply grateful I really am?

Think of someone who has impacted you as a Fraternity man:

  • Your Board of Governors
  • Your Domain Director
  • Your campus greek life professional
  • A facilitator at a Men of Character Program
  • Our loyal Phi Kappa Tau Foundation donors

Let them know how they have made a difference in your life. Without these folks, Phi Kappa Tau wouldn’t be possible.

Guess what. One day it will be your turn. Are you going to help Phi Tau continue to be possible? Will you be a Phi Tau volunteer? A donor? There will be a time when it is YOU that Phi Tau needs to step up. It will be YOU that deserves our thanks.

Make your appreciation known!

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