By: Expansion Coordinator Alex Koehler, Mount Union ’07

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” —Aristotle

With the NFL draft behind us, wouldn’t  it be easy for the recent draftees to take a break? After all that hard work, they finally made it. Don’t they deserve some time off?

But this is the show. The league. This is for real. Getting drafted was only the beginning.

I recently stumbled upon the below video. Simple, solemn and true. Take no days off. Like the title suggests, it is likely that the draftees are working harder today than they ever were before.

Someone asked me recently, “What is Phi Kappa Tau?”

After I thought about it for a moment, the answer hit me like a thousand trains of clarity simultaneously converging.

Phi Kappa Tau is a fraternity of champions. Whatever your playing field, a true Phi Tau man is a champion. Whether that is by catching touchdown passes, getting the audience in stitches with your standup comedy, becoming the publisher of Forbes Magazine, running our government from the senate floor, winning Academy Awards or starting a worldwide philanthropic powerhouse—a Phi Tau man is a champion.

For our undergraduate men, I am begging you to use every day in college as a set of starting blocks. Don’t stop when you find success on campus. Don’t stop when you win the Maxwell. Don’t stop when you associate the highest quantity of the highest quality members your chapter has ever recruited. Those things are only the beginning. Give every day your absolute best. Your absolute best. When you have done that, you are a champion. Take no days off.

I’m sure Andrew Luck isn’t wasting today’s opportunities to become a champion. And when the Indianapolis Colts hoist the Lombardi Trophy again, he won’t stop then either.

Take No Days Off (video)
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